Message from the President
REaCH Organization was founded with the belief that there is a better solution for patients with hydrocephalus. As a parent of a child who struggles with hydrocephalus, it has been a blessing to me, as well as my family, to have such a support system. I am very proud to be involved with REaCH and am looking forward to the day when our vision statement becomes a reality and there is a cure for hydrocephalus.

– REaCH Board President,
Kim Clough

About Us

The REaCH Organization is a not-for-profit organization based in Syracuse, NY focused on finding a cure for hydrocephalus as well as educating patients and families on new treatment strategies.

REaCHing for a Cure

Our Goals In 2010, with the help of some caring families, and colleagues, Dr. Satish Krishnamurthy aided in the formation of the REaCH Organization in Syracuse, NY. REaCH stands for Research, Educate, and Cure Hydrocephalus. The goal of this organization is to promote research into the field of all types of hydrocephalus, participate in the education of families who often don’t know where to turn to learn more about hydrocephalus, and to ultimately find a cure for hydrocephalus that does not include implanting a shunt, since they are currently plagued with so many problems.


 Raise funds for conducting clinical, laboratory and translational research in hydrocephalus and all its related disorders.
 Improving the standard of patient care by implementing research findings into clinical practice.


 Educating the community and families of people affected by hydrocephalus as to the current state of treatment and advances being made in the field.
 Raising public awareness to the hydrocephalus condition and its far reaching effects on society.


 Our vision is to find a cure for hydrocephalus by the year 2020.


 Hydrocephalus is sometimes referred to as “water on the brain”.
 Characterized as abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain.
 This excess fluid causes the ventricles to swell outward pushing on the brain and increasing pressure on the brain.

REaCH Organization was formed by parents with children and adults themselves who suffer from hydrocephalus. Since very little information, support, or answers were available locally, we were determined to change that.

REaCH is a 501C3 organization that is federally recognized as a not for profit entity. REaCH uses 100% of all donations to fund research for a cure and provide an outlet of support and education for those families who struggle with hydrocephalus.

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